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On Diamonds and Happiness – #slowtofast Episode 1

Welcome to #slowtofast

First of all, welcome to our podcast #slowtofast. It will be ten episodes of our thoughts, ideas and experiences of product development in a fast moving digital business. We are Marcus Castenfors, Head of Product Design and Dennis Hettema, Chief Innovation Officer at Nordnet. Each episode will be 20-30 minutes long (at least we’ll try to stop talking in time), and will be released every other Monday.

A few words on this first episode, cryptically titled “On Diamonds and Happiness”.

Why the name #slowtofast?

Our reality is that we are living in inspiring and yet challenging times. Startups and pure digital companies are challenging traditional industries. AirBnB is challenging the way hotels are run, Uber is turning the transportation industry upside down, Netflix is changing the way we consume media and Amazon how we buy products, the list goes on.

So, what is the secret of these companies’ success?

What is their competitive advantage? The fundamental reason of their success is their speed. They have the velocity to rapidly adapt and to quickly take products to market.

#slowtofast is about our journey at Nordnet adapting to this reality, but also how your organization can apply tactics to deliver more value to your customers at a faster rate.

Design sprints and blame games

We start the first episode by letting you know what keeps us busy at the moment. For Marcus’ part, it’s all about design sprints. He takes us through what that is, and how design can be a team sport. He also tells the amazing story of the $300 Million button.

Dennis is busy killing the blame game, measuring happiness and actually increasing happiness with the help of diamonds. All with his obsessed focus to deliver customer value at a faster pace.

Listen to the episode

Listen to #slowtofast via Podcaster, Soundcloud or lots of other apps. Or directly here:


We use a lot of terms and references in this episode. Dive in to our world using these links:

The Lean Startup Methology

Don Reinertsen, The Big Ideas Behind Lean Product Development

$300 Million Button

Product Hunt Episode 44: Matt Mullenweg

The Design Sprint

Edwards Deming

The Toyota Production System (Lean Manufacturing)

The Theory of Constraints

Trust & Product Design (Goalfest)

The Happiness Metric

Throughput Accounting

What should we talk about next?

Let us know what to talk about next, by writing a comment below or using the hashtag #slowtofast.

Thanks for listening,

Marcus and Dennis

Follow us on Twitter: @mcastenfors and @dhettema

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15.12.2015 10:43

interesting, will subscribe to the podcast. Is it mainly maintenace or new features you are working on these days? Would be an interesting topic if you would talk about maintenace vs new features with reference to process and organization. And also how you address quality assurance?
If you still need more actual users as testers, feel free to sign me up.

Svar på  Gjest
15.12.2015 14:41

Thanks Polarn! The balance between the two should be around 70% new and 30% maintenance in our book. That said, we’ve got a bit of a maintenance catch up to do so we’re focusing on that at the moment. We would love to talk about that, and also about quality assurance in our coming episodes. I think quality assurance is one of the most important ingredients to obtain speed, actually. We’d love to sign you up for our customer panel. Someone from the customer panel will reach out to you soon. /Dennis