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Spectrum ASA: Annual report 2018

12:37 Attached the annual report 2018 for Spectrum ASA and the Spectrum Group. There are no changes in the figures compared to Q4 and full year earnings release disclosed February 8th 2019. About the Spectrum Group: Spectrum provides innovative Multi-Client seismic surveys and high- quality seismic imaging services to the global oil and gas industry from offices in the Norway, UK, USA, Brazil, Egypt, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore. Spectrum designs, acquires and processes seismic data to deliver high quality solutions through its dedicated and experienced workforce. Spectrum holds the worlds largest library of Multi-Client 2D marine seismic data and a significant amount of 3D seismic. The companys strategy focuses on both the major, established hydrocarbon-producing regions of the world as well as key frontier areas identified by our experienced team of geoscientists. The Spectrum library of Multi-Client data contains projects from many of the foremost oil producing regions of the world. These include new acquisition, reprocessing and interpretation reports. Spectrum ASA is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSLO:SPU). Web: www.spectrumgeo.com https://www.globenewswire.com/Tracker?data=MpejChCXABVDUb-vXi_BBTZAHsUQnGhkE0XnJpqYDRkIiGsWKaaEi8DuOgsLGV8SSAPlipuZLUX-4PRfG-xQsw_n_CRloAKM_Zz47OR4jtg= For additional information about thisrelease please contact: Dean Zuzic CFO Cell: +47 414 33 560 Email: dean.zuzic@spectrumgeo.com This information is subject to the disclosure requirements pursuant to Section 5-12 the Norwegian Securities Trading Act Attachment * Spectrum_annual_report_2018 https://ml-eu.globenewswire.com/Resource/Download/41c2fe6b-8b8a-4b21-a3d3-3b36f0b0dc59 © GlobeNewswire

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